From the Editor – Mrs. Imaobong Udo

Welcome to the Women’s Month and the Birth month of impact.
This Magazine is an impactful focused based women and youth of UYOCCIMA’s Magazine for excellence.
Every cloud they say has a silver lining… Birthing Impact is the silver lining for
UYOCCIMA. When women begin to participate in the journey of financial
emancipation and they are duly sensitized and given direction – Then it is only apt for them to raise their hands to show full
participation “I support” In this edition you will see on my Biz and I –
The grandeur of our women who have products and services. Seeing through the
interview by both the DP2, Mrs. Affiong Israel Ibanga and the Youth President… There is certainly no limits for UYOCCIMA!
The Journey of a hundred miles begins with a step, here is our first step to impact the world.
Stay focused as you read through these pages and remember social distancing and use a face mask.