CELEBRATING MY MENTOR by Barr. Jean Chiazor Anishere ( SAN)



Akwa Ibom State First Lady, Her Excellency, Dr. Martha Udom Emmanuel,
celebrating Mrs Dorothy Udeme Ufot, SAN as the First female African
Arbitrator, 2020 and the First female and only female SAN, till date, of Akwa

Dorothy won the prestigious Award of African Arbitrator of the Year.
• She is the First Senior
Advocate of Nigeria (SAN)
of Akwa Ibom State Origin
• She is the First Nigerian to
be Appointed to Represent Nigeria at the International Court of Arbitration of the
Inernational Chamber of
Commerce, Paris (2006-
• She is the First African to
be appointed as an executive of the Arbitration committee of
the International Bar Association (IBA) (2006-
• She is the first female
Non-Executive Director of
Dangote Cement PLC, and
• The Second Nigerian female to qualify as a chattered Arbitarator and the 5th Youngest Nigerian to so qualify at the time in 2003.

” As Akwa Ibom women rolled out drums to celebrate their own first female Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Barr. Dorothy Ufot (SAN), Barr. Jean Chiazor Anishere (SAN), a proud mentee of our icon grants Impact Magazine interview on the journey so far and the need to celebrate women who standout, it was truly a huge International Women’s Day Celebration for Akwa Ibom women “



Qus: How do you feel today?
Ans: I feel good, this week has been one with celebrating women all over the world, as we all know the 8″ of March globally is a day we celebrate women all over the world. It’s been awesome, this year has been really huge with a lot of activities. Women are becoming more aware of their rights, needs and more, that is something we should appreciate.

Qus: Yester years and today, how do you see women?

Ans: Oh!! Wow, like I said we have never had it this huge,
empowerment, gender inequality and more. Many years ago in my late twenties I can say, it wasn’t like this.
Yes we knew it was women’s day but it was like you better face your work and do what you are supposed to do.
It wasn’t voiced out there’s a lot of improvement talking about
today’s women and yesterday’s women.

today’s woman is all about entrepreneurial mentorship. Women
want to be in politics, women want to take leadership positions.
Women want to be decision makers. They don’t want to be full time
house wives anymore, Women want to stand beside men and not behind them, if possible in front of them. Women
have become really aware.



Qus: Do you think there is something that has made this difference?

Ans: The difference is mentorship, mentoring has become a tool for
women to grow. Yesterday’s women didn’t know about mentorship in terms of entrepreneurial growth to be better but we were mentored on how to be good wives, good mothers. Meanwhile today’s woman is all about entrepreneurial mentorship. Women want to be in politics, women want to take leadership positions. Women want to be decision makers. They don’t want to be full time house wives anymore. Women want to stand
beside men and not behind them, if possible in front of them. Women have become really aware.

Qus: Yes we appreciate the fact that they are coming up but are you seeing them achieve this dream, I noticed whenever a woman wants to stand out, another woman tries to pull her back. Do you think that we can achieve what we want with this syndrome?

Ans: Oh yeah, we will, we can achieve these dreams because they
are less pull backs nowadays.
Women are no longer envious as we used to be of our fellow women that

We tend to pull each other down but now they pull each other up to the next level. I will speak for myself in this regard. Today I’m celebrating my mentor and role model in the person of Barr.
Dorothy Ufot (SAN), my sister silk. The state government celebrated this great lady and also the first lady Dr. Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel saw they need to celebrate an icon and indigene of
Akwa Ibom State; that’s a woman celebrating another woman, this is commendable and worthy of applause. I was excited to see the women at the banquet hall give the first lady a standing ovation
for what she has done.
I’m today a senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) through the support and pulling up of my strength by Barr. Dorothy Ufot (SAN) this is another woman support another woman to grow. I waiked up to
her 20 years ago to tell her how much I admire her skills, brilliancy and beauty in her legal profession. I encourage young girls to always appreciate worthy character and emulate such with humility. You can approach the person, introduce yourself and say
how you want the huge personality to be your mentor. You can say I admire you ma, I enjoyed your teachings today, I would like to see you again to further discuss on the topic and who knows how it will go from there.
I made myself visible by communicating with Barr. Dorothy Ufot (SAN) who was not a SAN as at then.
When I wanted to get the silk of my of carrier what better way than to discuss with her since she had already attend it. She with her husband directed me on ways to go for the interviews and dress code to the glory of God I got it. This is what we are talking about women pulling each other up.
Yesterday she made an oath not to be the only cock to crow rather pledged to support any young Akwa Ibom female lawyer who desire to attend the silk. I will also join her to ensure that other ladies from Akwa Ibom reach their silk.

Qus: Politics, Do you like politics?

Ans: Yes, I like politics, but I’m not a politician Qus: Do you think that there is room for a woman to become the number 1 in Nigeria?

Ans: Incidentally there is a platform for women in politics and I happen to be a member. The mission statement of the platform is financially supporting women in Nigeria who aspire to go into politics as you know finance is always the problem most times, but not only financially but giving them the right advice. Members
of this platform are first ladies, women who are in high positions, deputy governors, women in government.
feel women should be included in decision making of our state. You find out in most states now women are deputy governors so it’s a good start. From there we can be governors and from that we can be vice presidents, we excel and show that we can be presidents.

Qus: we are challenging our setbacks, what particular thing do you think has been the real setback for women?

Ans: The setback I feel is lack of awareness which brings us to the need for mentors. Mentors create awareness and I think with this we are already getting there.
We will continue to ensure mentorship and the sky cannot limit us.