I am very glad to be talking about the new structure of UYOCCIMA Women the recent introduction and expansion of UYOCCIMA to accommodate Women and Youth the journey has began.
Women are more resilient and hardworking and I thank Mrs Affiong Ibanga, Dp2 of UYOCCIMA for her strides and ingenious acts; she is doing very well. In the past, women were never seen in the fore front nor even given opportunity to play lead
roles. I remember in my school days among 144 students – women never came among the first ten in the class, now women are the first six in class in
most schools.
For me the introduction of the Women and Youth arm of UYOCCIMA is a big plus for the President of UYOCCIMA, Obong Nseyen Ebong and his EXCO for
the age-old adage says “train a woman and you train a nation’

How do you see business in Nigeria today?

Well the business world is undergoing gross malfunction due to existing problems in our today’s society we have challenges, greatest being

COVID 19, gross insecurity and road journey is quite scary.
Beyond that, lack of power supply is a huge menace to industrialization. I have tried to set up two industries but failed because of turnover because cost of turnover is too high and this has led to closure of several industries.
examples are companies like Pamol, Dunlop, and even ANAMCO because of no power supply have moved to Ghana.

Why introduce youths to UYOCCIMA?

Until not long ago youths had no grouping in the chambers as most were occupied by traders – to help do Osusu and older business
members with the introduction of professionals and women there was a yawning need for youths to become entrepreneurs.
With little entrepreneurial training introduced even in schools the labour market will be less congested – many people will not be interested in white collar jobs. for even workers need a retirement plan as they need to start something and grow it to keep them stable on retirement.
On the other hand, I would also suggest that Economics should be taught as GS course. You need to know how to keep records, keep money and spend money so you can know the basis of life Entrepreneurship, should also be taught because about 50% of graduates are unemployable
but can become entrepreneurs.
These are the some of the reasons we evolved an expanded chambers.
Message to the Youths:

How can’t someone who studied Agriculture venture into rearing of rabbits?

I think that our youths should leverage on UYOÇCIMA’s large arm and get some orientation and stop angling to become Personal Assistants (PAS) for Pas are like security men when will the gate you are watching as PA get bigger so that you can be promoted?

Message to the Women:
Additional income in a good thing for Women, this money can help in housekeep.
Save men and women from high blood pressure too.

Message to Government:
Government should provide enabling environment, the greatest snag we have is lack of power supply, let this country be able to provide at least 12 hours power supply because no good development can exist without power supply to
run the factories. Security is also very important provision of these two will create the needed enabling environment for businesses to thrive and flourish in Nigeria.