I see great women and youth group of Uyoccima prospering in their various
capacities, yes that’s my vision.

My plans:
I want each and everyone of us to harness our individual efforts and talents through knowledge sharing and networking, that will expose us to creativity and innovation to better compete in the global market. ” YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR

My mission is of course to empower, educate and encourage our women and youth Entrepreneurs and Professionals to live their fullest potentials by
providing a platform through training, mentoring, capacity building, engagement of IT experts to train our women and youth in the new normal
market strategies, in order to compete effectively in the global market There’s need to revamp our Export sector by creating an awareness: setting up off takers desk in the chambers which will reduce frivolous behaviours and activities that causes loss of revenue and resources to our indigenous commodities thereby negatively affecting the economy indices of our GDP
We are partnering with corporate entities, government parastatals, diplomatic corps both locally and internationally to achieve our set goals.
We’re firing up to get to the promised land, so much energy is exerted to actualize our dreams and potentials, we are growing our own wealth
right here in Akwa Ibom State.
Rome I learnt was not built in a day, so therefore we have set our short, medium and long term goals that are achievable with commitment.
We are the government! I feel that way all the time, whenever you see someone that is positively impacting the lives of human beings, creating job,
solving problems, putting smiles on faces, I strongly believe one is exercising good governance.
Most of our women members have already been in chambers movement many years back, it’s the youth that we deemed fit to bring on board, we’re
working assiduously hard to revamp the group by creating awareness in the social handlers, TV, Radio, Print media our quarterly magazine- *IMPACT will be launched any moment from now.
When we start thinking in line with government agenda of the day and key in to do more in that aspect, there will be a turn around in our attitude, we begin to pay attention to what we can use our brains and hands to do

We are here to make a difference, we will set up a Market place for our products and services – A one stop shop that showcase our rich and endowed
natural resources from Akwa Ibom State.



It’s a mind thing, we need to re-orient our minds and see things positively and live positively, we should learn to give time, time to effect changes.
*NO RUSH IN LIFE* patiently plan and work things out with God on our side we will be victorious

To Youths – Arise and see the handwriting on the wall, that with God all things are possible.
You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you..

To our Women – know ye that you are the salt of
this world keep persevering, keep adding value and encouraging one another to greatness. *SEE YOU AT THE TOP*

Like I said earlier we are the government, let us strive to do what is right in our individual corner or space that will attract recognition from God Almighty and compliment the efforts of our workers in the vineyard who have been called to serve.

This is a call to serve humanity, creating impact on lives and seeing smile on faces gives me a great joy and happiness, I want to seize this opportunity
to thank God for all that He is in my life and that which He will continue to be.
My unreserved appreciation to the president of UYOCCIMA, OBONG NSEYEN EBONG for his unfringing support.

May I also appreciate the Exco, Council Members, the women and youth group of UYOCCIMA for all the support accorded me, I appreciate you all.
Aspecial thank you to our media partner, for all their efforts in making sure the magazine meets the deadline.

Rome I learnt was not built in a day, therefore we have set aside
our short, medium and long term goals that are achievable with commitment



My profound gratitude goes to my wonderful husband and children for always being there for me.
I love you all.
To my staff that worked relentlessly in seeing to the success of impact magazine, I thank you all.