Youths & UYOCCIMA With Hon. Mfonabasi Asuquo (KSM)


Hon. Mfonabasi Asuquo (KSM)

President of Youth UYOCCIMA

I am happy to be the president of UYOCCIMA Youths arm. Membership is opened to youths with entrepreneurial skills and professionals.

QUS: What are you all about?

ANS: We are about expanding and influencing the horizon of the Akwa lbom Youths, we want to see”we intend to train our youths on various skills in the new normal “how our young ones who are interested to growbig will grow in their various businesses. We shalluse our robust network platform to train andshowcase their products and services for globalcompetitiveness.

QUS: Just training?

ANS: Information is power if you’re not dulyinformed, you’ll be deformed. We are here tocreate economic awareness through trainingthat will put us in the limelight to excel.

Qus: Can you truly assist to access funds?

ANS: we collaborate with stakeholders andsupport in any possible way for easy accessto funding. Youth Membership registration isTen thousand naira only (N10,000) and its renewable. If you do not have a trade orbusiness, we help you identify one, groom you and make you succeed.This far How well? We just came on board, not very firm yet. But we have a whole lot to showcase as the year unfolds. We shall commence with training because a knowledgeable and trained youth can easily attain great heights.

Qus: How have our Youths responded to this?

Ans: Our youths are eager and willing but sceptical and complaining about registration fee so we appealed for a downward review to help accommodate more youths, and our parent body is looking into this.

Qus: How do you see UYOCCIMA Youths in five years?

Ans: In 5 years we wouldn’t want to exaggerate but we would have changed the lives of many youths who are willing to join the group.We also would have taught them different skills.

Qus: What skills are you looking at?

Ans: We will commence first with I.C.T. After the training we will reach out to them for assistance in various skills for a start up.

Message to the Youths:Youths, do not to look at cost of being amember but the benefits. I am therefore appealing to youths to hurry and join us asthere are no limits.

Come let’s share ideas, think together, growtogether and achieve together.