From The Publisher – Impact Frontiers Magazine June 2022 Edition

Every day is a new dawn. Every day hands us an opportunity to do right what we did wrong yesterday. The power to do it is right within you. You can either break through or fall through. The amount of work and effort you put into doing something will determine the level of result you will get. If you desire success and significance the onus is on you to take big strides to attain great accomplishments. There are no BEST FORMULAS or SHORT CUTS. Different strokes for different folks they say. However, there are a few universally recognized CONSTANTS you cannot do without on your journey to the top. A good recipe for success would be a combination of Attitude, Network- which is your human capital, focus and determination. So how bad do you want it? Come rain, come shine…How far would you go to arrive at the peak? Never throw in the towel, if you still believe it is doable, however faint. Never go with the crowd when you know without a doubt, that you are on the right path even if the road seems quiet and lonely…All you need is one person and that person is you! Believe in yourself, offer yourself unconditionally for a worthy cause, be the light that usurps the hopelessness and pain experienced around you. Be the best you because you are all it takes to make the world a better place! Happy reading!