BY BARR. CLEMENT ITA UMOH Hey guys! Welcome to another interesting read. In this episode, we will be talking about technology in legal practice, with our primary concern being a close examination of the effect of technology in today’s world. We will also consider how technology can be used to improve the way the legal practice is run, by highlighting some of the benefits that can come with embracing technology in your legal practice. It is no longer news that technology is changing the way things are done. A lot of sectors and segments of our society have taken full advantage of technology. The banks and other financial institutions are full on technology, the communication space is built today completely around technology. But for one reason or the other, the legal profession is taking the rear seat with regard to embracing tech. Here are a few advantages that the legal profession will have from embracing technology. 1. Streaming Lawyer/Client Communications With the right tech infrastructure, it is no longer necessary for a lawyer or his client to travel thousands of kilometres for a briefing or a meeting. All of this can be done using various online communication channels 2. Automating e-Discovery A lawyer prepares for his case by sieving through large heap of files to find the right documents and the relevant laws to apply to the case. With technology, the stress is taken away. With the click of a button, he is able to get all the documents he needs. That valuable time is saved. 3. Simplifying Case Management There is nothing as important as case management when running a law office. Digital business management platforms have been adapted to meet the needs of legal case management. With the right case management software, it is easy for a firm of lawyers to automate a lot of processes ranging from scheduling of dates, organizing contacts list, managing documents, and entering data for billing. All the relevant information is stored on a central system to allow for easy access by all members of staff, including those working remotely on mobile devices. AppyLaw is a tech start-up that is providing law firms a good case management system. You might want to try it. 4. Leveraging Analytics Analytics have been very helpful in a lot of ways. Introduction of analytics to legal practice will bring about an automation of routine legal processes. It can be used to examine textual threads and understand the context of complex statements in legal documents such as contracts and automate the editing and approval process. 5. Creating Online Communities The world is getting smaller by each passing day. With technology and the internet of things, the world has become a global village. Lawyers from different parts of the world, in diverse fields of practice, can now come together in virtual communities to share knowledge, leads and ideas. Keeping it short and simple, this is the much we will take in this edition. Till we next time. …from all of us at AppyLaw -Clement About AppyLaw AppyLaw is an enterprise that is committed to changing the functionality of legal practice for the better. It is a brand that is committed to bringing the needed dynamic twist to legal space by bringing a technological influx into conventional legal practice. For more about AppyLaw, visit our website at