1 you are getting married and still on planning stage. *Close your mouth*

2 Do you want to travel out of the country? But not yet… *Close your mouth*

3 you are going for interview, competition or exam. *Close your mouth*

4 Someone came to ask your hand in marriage. *Close your mouth*

5 You are planning for your children’s future. *Close your mouth*

6 Your friends want to know your secret as a couple. *Close your mouth*

7 Your friends want to know what happens in your home. *Close your mouth*

8 Did you receive news of promotion at work? *Close your mouth*

9 You have a dream about a future project. *Close your mouth*

10 Your neighbors heard you quarrel with your husband or wife and they came calling to help settle the dispute. *Close your mouth*

11 Your child has an exceptional gift or came tops in his or her class. *Close your mouth*

12 Your husband abroad plans taking you all abroad soon. *Close your mouth*

13 No matter how small or big your salary may be, *close your mouth*

14 Your husband is building a house, so as to make you and the children comfortable. *Close your mouth*

15 Your wife has just been moved into theater for safe delivery. *Close your mouth*

16 You are fortunate to receive N100,000 monthly from your husband, for house-keep, as a wife. *Close your mouth*

17 Your female unmarried boss is showing you signs of going into a relationship with you (single); rather than spreading it around in your office, pray about it and *close your mouth*

18 Your husband is very active, when it has to do with the other side. *Close your mouth*, as it is not meant to be discussed out of your home and marriage.

19 A leaking mouth decided to share his or her personal life with you, or a colleague shared office secret with you; please help their condition by *closing your mouth*

20 Your boss financially appreciates your effort at work more, when compared to how he does to others; *please keep your mouth shut, for GOD sake*

21 She is a witch and the reason things are not going well with you. *Close your mouth and pray to GOD only, for her to change*, as your relatives that you want to report to were not there when you met her and started that lovely relationship.

22 As a mentor to some people, they come around to share their challenges in life with you. *Close your mouth*, and don’t be a means of spreading people’s challenges

23 A young and a new wife, all of a sudden is facing marital challenges and keeps running to you, as one that has 30 years experience in marriage for advice. Please help build that marriage and home, by *closing your mouth* about all she tells you.

24 You are this type that *always have a testimony* to share in the church every Sunday. Hmmm, my brother and sister, things are not like before ooo. *Close your mouth*, give GOD all the glory and seldomly share testimonies for edification of the body of Christ. Not all in the church came to worship GOD.

25 if you are not asked to speak over a certain issue and you know that it doesn’t affect anyone negatively; my brother and sister, even if you witnessed it happen, *close your mouth* and walk away.


1 There are destiny destroyers near and far from you?

2 That some are not just destiny destroyers, but killers? That there are jealous-minded people around you? That there are pit-diggers around you. Looking for victims like you to halt fulfilment of their destiny.


1 It won’t harm you in the first place, if you close your mouth and keep your plans to yourself.

2 Sometimes, when you plan and it fails, it’s because, your enemy is already armed with your plan.Not all people who smile and have white exterior, do have same inside their hearts. *Close your mouth* There is no need sharing a testimony before it comes to reality.

In fact, in some cases, *keep your testimony to yourself and live longer* My brother and sister, *KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT MOST TIMES AND OPEN ONLY WHEN NECESSARY.