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Exasperation: The state of being irritated Synonym: Irritation, frustration Example: The longer Amara waited on the traffic,the more her exasperation grew. Absolve : To forgive,to free from guilt Synonym: Exculpate, pardon Example: His father was greatly relieved after his mother absolved him for being disrespectful. Misanthrope: A person who does not like other people Synonym: Cynic, naysayer, pessimist Example: He was a misanthrope who now believe in encouraging people. Ablution : A cleansing with water or other liquid, especially as a religious ritual Synonym: Purification, cleaning Example: The method of ablution still remains a norm in present day churches. Clinch : Confirm or settle (a contract or bargain) Synonym: Grip, clasp, settle Example: She wants to clinch the deal on interior decoration. Ambivalent : Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone Synonym: Uncertain, undecided, unsure, unsettled Example: Students who lose focus in school become ambivalent in class. Obviate: To make (something) no longer necessary, to prevent or avoid (something) Synonym: Avert, forestall, prevent, preclude Example: Being nice to people obviates jealousy. Culpable: Deserving blame, guilty of doing something wrong Synonym: Censurable, blameworthy, reprehensible Example: He was held culpable for the crime he didn’t commit. Precocious: (Of a child) having developed certain abilities or inclinations at an earlier age than is usual or expected Synonym: Ahead, gifted, talented Example: She is precocious at such an early age. Perturb: Make (someone) anxious or unsettled Synonym: Worry, upset, unsettled, disturb, concern, trouble Example: He is perturbed by her character. Interdict: An authoritative prohibition,in particular Synonym: Prohibition, ban, bar, veto, proscription Example: The landlord’s effort to interdict tenants’ night outing is not fair to them. Wily: Skilled at gaining an advantage, especially deceitfully Synonym: Shrewd, clever, sharp-witted, astute, canny Example: Idara’s wily sister was here yesterday. Petulant: Of a person or their manner childishly sulky or bad-tempered Synonym: Short-tempered, peevish Example: She was petulant and moody through out the weekend.